Indonesia’s Longest Elevated Railway to be Completed by September 2024

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The construction of Indonesia’s Longest Elevated Railway located at Joglo intersection, Solo, in Central Java, has been progressing as planned and is expected to be finished by the month of September 2024 as revealed by the Minister in charge of transport ministry, Budi Karya Sumadi in the country.

“According to our review, the construction works has been going on as expected and is expected to be completed by the month of September 2024,” the minister stated after he inspected the development of the railway according to a statement revealed by his ministry.

Additionally, the minister revealed that the Joglo intersection elevated railway project is part of the plan for the development of the Solo-Semarang tracks phase I.

As revealed by the website of the ministry, this elevated railway will stretch a distance of 1.8 kilometers, therefore making it the longest of its kind in Indonesia. As the minister said, this elevated railway is expected to address the issue of traffic congestion at a level crossing that is nearby.

“There are a total of seven roads located at the Joglo intersection. If a train crosses, a congestion that would last for 30 minutes may occur. Therefore, we are being innovative building a structure that could emerge as another icon of the Solo city,” the minister added.

Design of Indonesia’s Longest Elevated Railway

The minister went on and further underlined that the Indonesian government is building the elevated railway with a design that depicts the icons of Solo city, like the Sidmukti batik, the Klewer Market, and lastly the keratin (royal palace). Other government officials who were also present during the inspection stated that the Joglo intersection is usually prone to both the issues of traffic congestion and accidents.

“This elevated railway crossing is indeed a solution to the issue of traffic congestion that usually occurs at the Joglo intersection and is foreseen to elevate the traffic safety level by being a replacement of the level crossing,” stated the Head of the Traffic Corps in Indonesia.

In similar projects Indonesia also set plans to build the Medan-Binjai elevated railway in Medan city with an aim of encouraging its citizens to switch from using private vehicles to mass transportation. The construction of the train line which had been finished from Kualanamu to Medan, was set to be extended further from Medan to Binjai.

Start of the Project

The Transportation Ministry  targeted the construction of Solo Balapan-Kalioso segment of Solo-Semarang double-track railway phase 1 that was to be the longest elevated railway track in Indonesia and was set to be completed by 2023. The project’s phase 1, the Solo Balapan-Kalioso segment, spanned 10 kilometre spoor (km’sp). Around 1.8 km’sp of the segment would be elevated and was expected to  ease the congestion at the level crossing at Joglo Intersection in Solo, Central Java.

The Transportation Ministry with the PUPR Ministry, Central Java Provincial Government, and Surakarta Local Government synergised to organise the level crossing at Joglo Intersection in Solo, Central Java. Moreover, the organisation was to be carried out by constructing an elevated double-track railway spanning 1.8 km’sp that was  to be constructed by the Railways Directorate General of the Transportation Ministry. The construction design of the elevated railway track adopts the local culture of Solo City, namely Batik Sidomukti, Klewer Market, and Keraton.

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