Ivory Coast to construct a US $186m waste water treatment plant

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Fluence along with sub contractor Laviso have made substancila progress on the building of a water treatment plant that will treat 150,000 m³/d water from the Aghien lagoon, producing drinking water for 1.5 million people in Abidjan.

The projects genesis was in 2019 when theFederal Government of Ivory Coast  set out to construct a waste treatment plant at cost of US $186m that will treat water from Lagune Aghien, the largest freshwater reserve near Abidjan, to help meet the fresh water needs of the country’s largest city.

Fluence Managing Director and CEO Henry Charrabé confirmed at the time that the company had won the contract to develop the waste treatment plant. He pointed out that the scope of work includes water intake, water treatment, bulk water piping, water towers and infrastructure.

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Water treatment plant project

“This substantial contract award is testament to Fluence’s reputation as a global leader in water treatment technology able to deliver optimal end-to-end custom engineered solutions. The plant will integrate proven technologies – smart intake; separation and membrane systems; advanced oxidation; biological filtration; and sludge treatment,” said Henry Charrabé.

Meanwhile, the company is in discussions to arrange third-party financing for the Government of Ivory Coast through a loan from Israel Discount Bank. Financial close is expected in the third quarter of 2019 after which construction will commence. The facility will be completed within two years from the date of commencement of construction.

Additionally, Fluence has also been invited to bid for an operating and maintenance contract, which could provide further recurring revenue. Subject to financial close and project commencement, Fluence expects the contract to contribute revenues of up to US $20m in 2019, US $80m in 2020 and the balance in 2021.


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