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Puratos, a leader in cutting-edge multi-sectoral food ingredients has unveiled its state-of-the-art chocolate manufacturing facility in Ivory Coast.

The new facility is outfitted with the most recent technical innovations, ensuring maximum production effectiveness while upholding the highest standards for quality and sustainability.

The facility also uses cutting-edge farming methods to support ethical farming, enhance farmer livelihoods, and save the biodiversity of the surrounding areas. With its emphasis on quality, sustainability, and community development, the facility represents a huge investment by Puratos in the area. And is poised to redefine the chocolate industry.

The Ivory Coast facility symbolizes Puratos’ dedication to bolstering its cocoa supply chain and advancing sustainable methods. Given that Ivory Coast produces around 40% of the world’s cocoa, the company will have direct access to premium cocoa beans thanks to its advantageous position, which will also benefit nearby farmers and communities.

Puratos wants to empower local farmers by giving them the knowledge, tools, and assistance they need. To improve the quality and productivity of their cocoa. Additionally, the facility will act as a center for R&D, encouraging innovation and advancing the chocolate sector.

Impact of the proposed chocolate manufacturing facility in Ivory Coast

The opening of the Puratos chocolate facility is anticipated to have a significant impact on the local economy by generating job opportunities, encouraging the development of skills, and fostering economic progress. Puratos’ team of experts will work in conjunction with regional scientists, farmers, and industry suppliers. In order to create novel cocoa varieties, improve processing methods, and investigate cutting-edge uses for cocoa in the food company. CEO of Puratos Luciano di Martino expressed his enthusiasm for the new facility.

He said, “Launching our chocolate production facility in Ivory Coast makes us tremendously proud. With this investment, we are demonstrating our unwavering dedication to sustainability and community empowerment. We want to reinvent the cocoa industry and establish new standards for quality, transparency. As well as social responsibility by fusing our knowledge, technology, and passion.”

Additionally, the facility will support Puratos in meeting the rising demand for products created from ethically and sustainably sourced cocoa, enhancing its position as a leader in the chocolate industry.

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