Jacksonville International Airport is making progress towards expanding its concourse

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Construction is about to commence on Concourse B at Jacksonville International Airport following a review of the building permit application, by the city. According to city records the projected cost of the concourse is, around $200 million. The expansion plan includes adding six gates and increasing the airports level by 118,000 feet along, with a mezzanine spanning 20,000 square feet.

The upcoming Jacksonville International Airport expansion is planned to have three floors and a capacity to accommodate, up to 12,279 individuals as stated in the records. Balfour Beatty Construction is responsible for carrying out the construction work.

This new Jacksonville International Airport concourse construction is part of the airport expansion efforts, which also involve adding amenities such as shops, restrooms, waiting areas and boarding gates. Unfortunately the concourse development had experienced delays due, to assessments mandated by federal authorities. As a result the projects commencement date had to be pushed to 2024.

First Phase of Concourse Construction at Jacksonville International Airport

Great news for travelers through Jacksonville International – the first phase of construction is right on schedule! Crews have been hard at work re-configuring the TSA security checkpoint area, just one of several planned projects to upgrade the airport.

The Jacksonville International Airport concourse construction changes may cause some temporary inconvenience, but they’re a crucial step toward creating a modern, enjoyable travel hub. In more exciting updates, the city is currently reviewing plans to expand the airport’s Chili’s restaurant. Airport regulars who love grabbing a bite at Chili’s before flights will have even more delicious dining options soon! Despite some growing pains during construction, big improvements are underway to transform JAX into a premier airport experience for both leisure and business travelers

Apart from Jacksonville International Airport concourse construction, the Chili’s at the airport is going to get a nice upgrade! They plan on increasing the seating by 50 percent, which will allow a lot more customers to sit down and enjoy a meal there before their flight. The kitchen and dining areas will be renovated too, so the inside will look fresh and updated. Chili’s is also adding a new area for pre-ordering food or taking out orders to-go. That’s really convenient for travelers who need to grab a quick bite before their flight but don’t have time to sit and dine in.

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