Java Foods Limited to set up a modern factory in Lusaka

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The agrifood company, Java Foods has just signed an investment agreement with the South Lusaka Industrial Free Zone Commission (LSMFEZ) to set up a new modern factory in Lusaka. The factory will be built at a total cost of USD6.5M and is set to create more than 200 jobs. The facility will be situated to serve local, regional, and global markets on a 4.76-hectare plot of land.

According to Alice Schultz, the corporate affairs manager for LSMFEZ, the Zone is thrilled to welcome the investment and pleased to announce the success made in advancing Zambia’s agenda for economic diversification, wealth generation, and job creation.

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Remarks on the proposed modern factory in Lusaka

According to Ms Schultz, the LS MFEZ has produced more than 31,000 employees since its inception. With a high of 3,373 jobs in the first quarter of 2023. According to her, the Zone has 98 approved enterprises in total, 22 of which are presently operating, with the remaining 98 either in the construction process or awaiting sector licenses.

She said, “The last 24 months have seen a peak in construction activity, and facility traffic is at an all-time high. We welcome local and foreign investors interested in the construction of commercial facilities, research, and development. As well as residential developments, to register their interest as soon as possible while the land is still available.”

“We are happy to report that the zone used up the whole quota granted for industrial development in 2022. Currently, we are working to make sure that all investors receive permission to start building. Among the priority projects for 2023 are the construction of vertical cities, studio apartments, and shopping malls. As well as water sports facilities, artificial beaches, and golf courses,” she continued.

With this new investment, Java Foods will have a second processing facility in the nation. The company already has a modern factory in Lusaka.