Plans Underway for Construction of 80M Modern Stadium in Busia County, Kenya

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Busia County government is set to construct a modern stadium in Busia town that will mirror Nyayo stadium. The modern stadium will be built in phases in a record period of 5 years under the leadership of Governor Paul Otuoma.

According to Paul Olung’a, Sh80 million has already been disbursed for the implementation of the project. Olung’a made the revelation while speaking at Busia stadium during the launch of the Global Appeal Football tournament. He is the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Culture and Sports.

Construction works will start effectively to give the current stadium a phase lift and an improved VIP pavilion. The County Government has also fortified partnerships to help fast-track the Sports Bill and Sports Policy. Noteworthy, these partnerships will aid in funding clubs or sportsmen and women who represent the country in national events.

Significance of modern stadiums in nurturing talent

“The leadership of Governor Otuoma is committed to nurturing sports from the grassroots and that is the reason the sports bill will help to fund and promote sporting activities across the county especially teams representing the County in FKF from regionals, division 2 up to the premier league,” noted Olung’a.

His sentiments were resonated by Busia woman rep Catherine Omanyo who was the chief guest at the tournament. The women’s rep urged the county to support the creation of a team that will contest at the premier league level.

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The national government has allocated over Sh85 million for the construction of modern Stadiums in every county. Notably, this move will create a one-stop shop with training facilities and hospitals in every county.

The founder and chairman of Global Appeal Sports, Yusuf Noah noted that they are tapping talents from each county. In this regard, they will promote talents at the grassroots. “The scouts from Europe including the head of recruitment from Crystal Palace Football Academy, Sports Director University of Baltimore and Africog Finland will be involved from regionals to get top talents to train in Europe,” he said.