Chebyuk Water Project to Benefit Over 86,000 Households in Bungoma, Kenya

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Chebyuk-Kibabii Complex is a mega water project being implemented by the National Government to provide water in Bungoma County.

Bungoma county commissioner Thomas Sankei and Engineer Samuel Onzere, explained the project when complete will also serve Kibabii University and several schools across the County.

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Engineer Onzere confirmed the project has a harvesting capacity of 4000m³ of water every day. Additionally, the project will be ready for use before the end of this year since commodity’s treatment plant has been completed. “We have water coming to the inlet chamber from the intake in Mt Elgon forest and it will undergo a treatment process so that it is ready for use once it leaves the plant,” he added.

Importantly, Engineer Onzere revealed the project is set to benefit over 86,000 households besides Kibabii University and surrounding schools.

Significance of the Chebyuk Water Project to Bungoma County

The team also visited the Kopsiro Community Water Supply Project located in the Mt Elgon sub-county. This water project is under implementation by Lake Victoria North Water Development Agency, in partnership with County government of Bungoma. Noteworthy, Kopsiro Water Project has the capacity to serve 3,000 people without strain.

“This project was started in 2019 but stalled due to contractual issues. However, it is set to be revived within the next two weeks,” he said adding that it has the potential to benefit 3,000 people and 50 institutions when completed, and up to 8,000, when rationing is done.”

Commissioner Sankei on his part urged residents of Mt Elgon to be patient and give the engineers time to complete the project.

The Inspection team later proceeded to Misikhu-Naitiri/Nzoia Bridge Brigadier road, under the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA) with Engineer M/s Jiangsu from provincial construction company limited being instructed by the committee to fast-track its tarmacking.