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The construction of the Talanta Sports Stadium at this moment is already underway few days after the ground “breaking” ceremony.
The Jamhuri City has blown off the sports lovers’ mind. This new Talanta Sports City which is aimed at revolutionizing sports was launched by President William Ruto last week.

A Chinese company is the one behind the design tendering processes for implementing the Nairobi-Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Nairobi Moja Expressway has secured a contract in this regard which is to construct the 60,000 seat Talanta Sports stadium in Nairobi Kenya.

The capital Beijing-based China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), which is CCCC’s largest daughter company and among top 500 companies with the best economical results worldwide, is assigned with the construction of the new stadium within the next 20 months, in order to ensure readiness by the time of the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations.

Talanta Sports stadium

Talanta Sports stadium has its EPC contractor in this contractor for engineering, procurement, and construction.

Ababu Namwamba, the Sports, Youth and Arts CS who is the State Department for Sports, Youth and Arts, gave the erection responsibility to the Defence Forces of Kenya (KDF) in September last year.

President William Ruto, being a key attendee of the groundbreaking ceremony at the Jamhuri Grounds in Nairobi urged that the exercise be carried out to the highest standards during the commissioning of theTalanta Sports Stadium.


Just a 60,000-capacity stadium amongst 36 venues, which will host the 2027 AFCON (Africa Cup of Nations) competitions, is the plan now.

The president assured that no half-baked project can satisfy him and he would also plant a physical presence in the project.

“I have already persuaded the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Defence that this stadium will be constructed under world-class standards, granted with military discipline.” I will thus demand our team defense of – Aden Duale and the CDF to guarantee that we are taken sternly to the contractor with all the deadlines we set. We shall also conduct weekly and semester supervision exercises and until this facility comes to an end, I will be around three times every three months the President declared.

We intend to finish the project in a record breif period of under two years. Furthermore, this soccer field is the only pitch design that delineates between soccer, rugby and elite concerts.

It will be the first modern construct of its kind in the country having Nyayo and the Chinese built stadia in the likes of Kasarani.

On his side, the Cabinet Secretary for Sports and Cultural Affairs, Ababu Namwamba who had come to attend the event affirmed that this is a special design project that conspicuously exudes an originality of the Kenyan culture and has been curated to best preserve Kenya’s culture.
“A lot of sweat work and time which we have expended during the past 6 months, does assure us that the result is definitely an impressible building which will be an iconic spot,” he said.

“It will be a small but yet an outstanding structure designed to add yardage to home teams and a chilling factor of 12 men advantage if you are up against an opposing team playing in the stadium.”
It was approved October 2022 with the Plus KDF workforce which is already in-site at Kasarani, plan to deploy during the activities.

Unlike the majority of sport grounds in the country, Talanta Sports City’s design will be a density oriented plan to exert an electricity in the area which will be on the advantage of every Kenyan team in each home match.

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