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Kenyan Airstrips to Receive Ksh1 Billion Annually for Renovation

Kenyan Airstrips have been allocated Ksh1 billion every year by the Government of Kenya which will involve the expansion and rehabilitation of airstrips found all over the country in order to boost the tourism sector and make an improvement on the transportation of cargo and passengers. The Cabinet Secretary of Transport, Kipchumba Murkomen, stated that the expansion works are mainly aimed at accommodation for large aircraft.

The CS went ahead and said that they were mainly focused on the rehabilitation of the physical structure, coming up and implementing modern policies and regulations of air transport, enhancing safety measures facilities and the general building capacity. He also further revealed the plans to allocate roughly Ksh1 billion by the government that will enable the expansion and development of Kenyan Airstrips every year to improve connectivity.

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Kenyan Airstrips Renovation Budget

The National Treasury in the fiscal year 2023/24 budget plan allocated Ksh727 million that would be utilized for the expansion works and rehabilitation of Kenyan Airstrips. According to the estimating calculations that were undertaken, the allocation of the funds will be as follows:

Migori Airstrip-Ksh211 Million

Lanet Airstrip-Ksh203 Million

Kitale Airstrip-Ksh130 Million

Isiolo Airstrip-Ksh70 Million

Angama Airstrip-Ksh113 Million

Murkomen revealed these plans of rehabilitating Kenyan Airstrips on Wednesday, as he presided over the first launch of the first commercial flight of Skyward Express which travelled from Wilson to Nairobi. Recently the Migori Airstrip had undergone renovation by Kenya Airports Authority which was a part of the body’s plan to expose the region to the growing aviation industry of the country executing the task in two phases. It entailed the extension of the runway to 1.2 kilometres from 1.1 kilometres and it was also tarmacked to the required standards. Furthermore, in January of this year, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua also presided over the launch of the first flight of Skyward Express. which took off from Wilson Airport to Kakamega Airstrip.

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