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Lake Victoria Ring Road Construction Project Expected to Start

Lake Victoria Ring Road construction project has been started by the government that will link the lakeside counties. This project is funded by the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Southern MP Caroli Omondi said the road would transform the region’s economy as it would open up tourism and trade to the region. He stressed that it will pass through Suba South, where there have been no paved roads since independence.

KeNHA will carry out the construction works on six sections divided into county sections. KeNHA Regional Director Julius Mak’Oderoh described the move as a turning point in the region’s economy.He said the path must lead to the development of lake region. Meanwhile, KeNHA will maintain and improve all road sections until the end of the Lake Victoria Ring Road project.

In Suba, the agency is improving road sections that were impassable before the official start of the project.The road will be built according to international standards and will be classified B2 with a total width of 7 meters and an average speed of 80 km/h.

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Another major road in Suba is the 72 km Mbita-Sindo-Kiabuya-Sori road, construction of which is expected to start next week.The construction of this Lake Victoria Ring Road will be delegated through the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) China Civil Engineering Construction Company, which has three years to complete the project. However, the construction of the road started more than three years ago, but the contractor stopped the construction due to unknown obstacles.

Lake Victoria Ring Road: Ksh 41.6 Billion Connectivity Endeavor

The Lake Victoria Ring Road project is a massive undertaking set to transform transportation in the region that has a budget of Ksh 41.6 billion. The 478km road project receives funding from both the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Designated by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) as the prime contractor, the project aims to enhance the free flow of goods and services across five counties, while improving connectivity to the national highway system. Anticipated to spur economic growth in the region, this ambitious Lake Victoria Ring Road project is poised to have a significant impact on regional development and trade.

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