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Nadapal-Nakodok Road construction works covers 11 kilometres and shall begin soon after the Governor of Turkana, Jeremiah Lomorukai, has highlighted the requirement for coordinated effort among partners and chosen leaders to open the impasse in the development.

This Nadapal-Nakodok Road is essential for the Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade Exchange, and Improvement Help Venture, which incorporates the development of a Sh 38 billion-338 km road from Lokichar to Nakodok, at the Kenya-South Sudan borderline.

He said the association of the County Government, the leaders that were elected  , and individuals from the local area in commitment with South Sudan will be critical to opening the stalemate over the development of the 11-kilometer Nadapal-Nakodok Road.

Lomorukai called for better partner inclusion to guarantee that occupants of Turkana benefit from the social foundation part of the Kenya-South Sudan interface road project.

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The task incorporates the development of the A1 expressway from Eldoret to Nakodok and a 630-kilometer fiber optic link that will increase web network in the county.

The Governor expressed that the county is focused on supporting the execution of the Nadapal-Nakodok Road project, however demanded the requirement for close joint effort among all partners.

“We are prepared to work with the execution of government activities, and we won’t confuse projects brought through the right channels. We should regard MoUs and regard the Constitution of Kenya’s necessity on open investment,” he said. The Governor added that the greater part of the activities are in areas under the command of the County Government, which calls for coordination to ensure their maintainability once handed over on culmination.

The group was driven by Project Coordinator Engineer James Theuri and included World Bank Team Foreman Susan Owuor, delegates from the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), advisors, and contractors for hire executing the undertakings.

The Governor valued the help from the World Bank in fostering the A1 road network in Turkana and expressed that the area doesn’t underestimate the effect of the foundation improvement on the economy.

He requested KeNHA to address concerns on the finishing from the road to endure weighty downpours, the requirement for a flyover in Kakuma to help simplify movement , the reclamation of the water supply framework in Lodwar town cut-off during development works, and the evening out of mounds of sand unloaded along segments of the Lodwar-Kitale highway.

The Governor advised KRA to quickly track the setting up of border posts in Lokiriama, Nadapal, and Todonyang to help the developing cross-border business.

Engineer Theuri informed the Governor that the Nadapal-Nakodok Road construction project will be finished in the following three months and expressed gratitude toward the County Government for their help.

Nadapal-Nakodok Road Construction Main Project

Nadapal-Nakodok Road construction project was part of the Kenyan government need to rehabilitate a 601km stretch of road between Lesseru in Eldoret and Nadapal/Nakodok on the Kenya-South Sudan border. The project, which was expected to cost a total of Sh86 billion, was funded in part by the World Bank after the government successfully negotiated a Sh45 billion loan with the agency. The World Bank loan of was intended to fund the upgrading of the Nadapal/Nakodok-Loichangamatak (298 km) road, while the government was to allocate Sh6.3 billion to rebuild the Lokichar-Loichangamatak (40 km) section. The project was expected to last a total of six years, construction had been scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2016 through 2021.


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