Sh727M set aside for rehabilitation of airstrips in Kenya

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Sh727 million was recently set aside by the National Treasury for the rehabilitation and expansion of airstrips in Kenya. The project aims to improve tourism, cargo movement, and passenger mobility throughout the country.

As per the Treasury’s budget plans, funding has been allocated for the next financial year, which begins in July.

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According to estimates, Angama Airstrip will receive Sh113 million, Isiolo will receive Sh70 million, Kitale will receive Sh130 million, Lanet will receive Sh203 million, and Migori will receive Sh211 million.

The runway at Migori Airstrip in Kenya is entirely being rebuilt as part of the repair work. It also includes constructing a new apron, a security barrier, and a patrol road. In order to strengthen the tourism exchange between Kenya and Tanzania, the Kenya Airports Authority drove Migori’s rehabilitation.

KAA is urging tourists from Tanzania to make use of the Migori Airstrip. This is in an attempt to ease pressure on South Nyanza travellers, who are currently relying on the remote Kisumu airport.

Bolstering the Masai Mara National Reserve tourism circuit relies on the Angama Airstrip. Regular flights are accommodated at the airstrip by airlines such as Mombasa Air Safari, Air Kenya, and Safarilink. It primarily serves Mara West Camp, Mara Angama Lodge, and other adjacent lodges and camps.

First phase scope of work at the Angama Airstrip in Kenya

The first phase of Angama’s rehabilitation and expansion project began in 2021. It involved upgrading the airstrip’s 1260-meter-long runway and expanding its width from 18 meters to 25 meters to accommodate code C aircraft operations. Repainting and fencing the airport to enhance security are two more tasks expected in the first phase.

The second phase will see the existing runway’s length extended from 1260 meters to 2500 meters. Its width will also be increased from 23 meters to 30 meters. Additionally, a VIP lounge will be constructed in the second phase.

The third phase will see the construction of terminal points and a new runway measuring 3300 meters long and 45 meters wide. It is expected that the airstrip at Lanet will make it easier to travel to and from Nakuru town as well as the surrounding locations, which are primarily accessible by road.

KAA is reconstructing and extending the apron (336m long and 39m wide). Also, it is completely reconstructing the runway (1.45km long and 23m wide) at Kitale Airstrip. The project aims to boost the flow of perishable horticultural products from one of the nation’s breadbaskets.