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Kenya: Kanyonyo Border Police Training College airstrip prioritized

Kanyonyo Border Police Training College airstrip completion will be prioritized by the government to improve the capacity of security personnel, in order to fight terrorism, organized crime, and cattle rustling.

The ministry will allocate Sh200 million to speed up the construction of the runway. This will improve the delivery of necessities and the transport of security personnel. 

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The airstrip will ease the evacuation of injured officers needing specialized medical treatment. This is according to the CS, who was speaking after inspecting security projects at the college. It will also enable the movement of necessary equipment.

He said that officers assigned to areas where terrorism threats are present and those involved in the fight against livestock rustling in the country receive training from the facility. Kanyonyo Border Police Training College airstrip will improve the capacity to transport the officers, he said.

Additionally, the CS acknowledged US government aid in setting up a regional counter-terrorism center.

How the Kanyonyo Border Police Training College airstrip will impact the fight against terrorism

He claimed that the facility, recognized as a pioneer in the region, will improve the country’s position in the battle against local and international terrorism.

The center will provide Kenyan and regional police with new tools for dealing with rising crimes. It will also raise the country’s security profile.

In about nine or ten months, the facility is expected to be running. The CS praised the BPU for using in-house skills and locally sourced resources. He said that a huge portion of the labor and equipment are provided by police officers and National Youth Service (NYS).

The ultra-modern hospital, slated for official launch soon, is a key project. The CS stated that the institution has constructed a border police hospital.

He also added that the facilities are great in every way. According to him, they are waiting for the president to officially launch them.

To improve the officers’ sporting and recreational activities, a stadium of international standard is also upcoming. Kindiki stated that although police are reducing the normal amount of roadblocks on main highways, border patrol units’ roadblocks will be improved to ensure maximum monitoring as well as detection of cross-border crimes.

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