Ksh82 Billion Thwake Dam Completion Date Moved

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Thwake Dam completion date has been moved by the government of Kenya as it has once again for the third time pushed back the date of completion of the Sh82 billion construction project which is yet to be completed on the border of Kitui County and Makueni County. This has been brought about by the controversy that seems to be surrounding the contractor of the project, China Gezhouba Group Company Limited, right after a court of law gave permission to a subcontractor permitting them to auction the assets of the firm due to a breach of contract case.

According to a Kenyan newspaper, The Daily Nation, the auctioneer received orders from the court last week directing them to attach the movable properties of the contractor of the project after it lost the case to JTG Enterprises Limited who are a sub-contractor due to a breach of contract. This tussle has raised an alarm to the Government of Kenya as it may not be able to complete the project on the scheduled time.

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Thwake Dam Completion Date

The Thwake Dam Construction project completion is on February 6, 2024, and its progress completion status stands at 84.4%. This information was revealed after senior government officials paid a visit to the construction site on Friday last week. The embankment of the Thwake Dam, which is the most critical part, has a total of 11 million cubic meters of materials, and currently, only 8 million cubic meters have been filled. The remaining part shall be filled in the months of September, October, and November after which it shall be given some time to settle before the construction works proceed to the concrete face.

Thwake Dam is anticipated to store up to 688 million cubic meters of water which will be utilized for domestic use and generating electricity. The first phase of the Thwake Dam construction project was financed by a combined effort of the African Development Bank and the Government of Kenya which will facilitate the completion of the phases that follow. These include the setting up of a hydroelectric power station, conducting piping works at the Konza Technology City, and lastly a 100,000-acre farmland irrigation system is going to be set up on the surrounding of the dam.