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Turkana County Government to Develop Water Harvesting Infrastructure

The Turkana County Government is constructing water harvesting structures at Songot in Turkana West. The initiative is set to collect enough water for crop production and watering livestock. Additionally, the program is set to benefit 680 households.

Water harvesting infrastructure will be actualized by the Department of Agriculture, through the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP). Importantly, ASDSP is reclaiming 200 acres for sorghum production in the Nanyang’akipi area of Songot Ward. Additionally, the water collected from the harvesting program will be treated for domestic use.

The County Chief Officer for Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Ms. Janerose Tioko, commended the community for accepting to clear bushes. Noteworthy, clearing of bushes will increase acreage as part of their contribution to the project. Ms. Tioko further urged the community to utilize the short rains to plant sorghum.

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Turkana Water Harvesting Infrastructure Start Date

Reportedly, Turkana water harvesting infrastructure is set to start with construction of 40 water harvesting bunds in the next two weeks.

ASDSP County Coordinator Mr. Boniface Okita said the programme will support with supply farm tools and sorghum seeds to the community.

Additionally, the acting Sub-County Agriculture Officer Mr. Vincent Cheruyot and Land Reclamation Officer Mr. James Longole were present. Once complete, the program will help in resolving water-related conflict within the community.

Importantly, the program will improve sanitation services that have now been devolved to county government. This will in turn significantly improve hygiene by setting safe at point of use for all households in the county.

Additionally, the program will utilize human capital in the area. Furthermore, availability of sorghum for food will be a huge boost since it has to be bought if not grown. Moreover, sorghum has many uses to the Turkana locals with the main use being selling of stover (sorghum stalks).  The sorghum stalks are used in some cases for thatching.


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