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Kidunda Dam Project works shall proceed as the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA) plans to burn through 425.9bn/ – in the 2023/24 fiscal year for the implementation of seven water projects, inclusive of the development of the hotly anticipated Kidunda Dam in Morogoro. The dam has been portrayed as a prompt arrangement towards balancing out water flows in the Ruvu river-the significant water hotspot for Dar es Salaam and Coast locales, representing more than 90% of the whole volume of water delivered for the business city occupants.

The current CEO of DAWASA, Mr Kiula Kingu said the development of the KIdunda Dam Project with a capacity limit of 190 million square meters is supposed to cost 346bn/ – upon fruition. He stated that the improvement of the dam could be a solution to water management demanding situations in Dar es Salaam and Coast locales. The dam development is supposed to go on for three years and the hold could support the accessibility of valuable fluid for a considerable length of time, should there be a dry spell.

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Mr Kingu illustrated a few advantages related to Kidunda Dam Project as the development of a 75-kilometer road and an extension bridge which will enhance the movement of individuals within the region and the production of 20MW which will be associated with the national power grid. The Sh329. 5 billion task situated in Morogoro Provincial Area has for a long time been deferred for various reasons.

Kidunda Dam Project Main features

The dam reservoir shall cover a total area of 78 km². It will also have a gated spillway whose length will be 133m, 117 meters wide. The intake tower will have a height of 25m. In addition, the tailrace canal will be 103m long and 30m wide. It will consist of an outdoor powerhouse that would generate 20 MW. Outlet works will also be put in place and it shall consist of double barrels that will be 200m long each. Lastly, the whole project shall entail the resettlement of 5,000 people which is a total of 2,000 households involved.

Last year’s November, President Samia witnessed the signing of the agreement of setting up the long-awaited Kidunda Dam Project in Morogoro by Dawasa and Sino Hydro. President Samia reiterated that setting up of Kidunda Dam might be the answer to the developing call for water delivery in Dar es Salaam.