Kigali Green Complex (KGC), Tallest Building in Rwanda, to Commence Construction in January 2024

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The skyline cloud of Kigali, within a period of three years, will undergo an impressive transformation following the construction of the Kigali Green Complex (KGC) which is a 29-storey building. Once completed, the building will become the tallest building in Rwanda. The construction works of the building are scheduled to kick off in the month of January 2024.

This new building, is set to become taller than the Kigali City Tower which possesses 20 storeys and currently stands as the tallest building in the country. This building will become the very First Ever Gold Rated LEED Green, Well, and Smart and also Mix-Use Complex in the country. This was clarified by the developer of the building, Ultimate Developers Ltd (UDL).

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most commonly used green building rating system globally. It is usually readily available for virtually all types of building and is very efficient in that it tends to provide a framework that is deemed quite healthy, highly efficient, and cost saving green buildings in terms of utilization of energy, water consumption, the quality of the environment indoors, and also the material used for building.

Ultimate Developers Ltd is a branch of the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB), which is responsible for the development business management of real estate in both the residential sector and commercial sector.

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Once complete, the Kigali Green Complex shall pave way for the expansion of the real estate portfolio of RSSB. It will also become a public entity that shall have reliable and proper management of the security schemes that will be in place which are inclusive of the pension funds, such as via the projects that generate profit, in order to ensure that the pensioners receive fully their benefits for welfare when retirement comes.

According to UDL, they have already gotten an interested anchor tenant who will occupy 27% of the available usable space of the building complex once it is complete.

Inauguration Date of the Complex

The ground breaking of the Kigali Green Complex (KGC) is set to begin in the month of January 2024. The building shall contain 29 storeys and a total of six basements, totaling the number of floors in the complex to 35 making it the tallest building in Rwanda. According to the Marketing and Communications Manager of UDL, Alain Tuyishime, the building shall be completed within a maximum period of three years.

Kigali Green Complex shall cover a gross floor area of 82, 971 square meters. Furthermore, the Kigali Green Complex will be established on a plot of land that occupies an area of 7,600 square meters. Its multi-functional space will entail a bank space, an ample office space, a sizeable retail space, and lastly a car parking space that shall have a total of 430 slots.

Kigali Green Complex Contractor

The contractor that has been awarded the Kigali Green Complex is Shelter Group. This firm was originally established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has expanded over the past years by setting up its branches in different locations including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, France, Rwanda, and even Italy. The headquarters of Shelter Group are based in Doha, Qatar.

This firm has specialized in giving comprehensive designs and build, engineering and construction works, services of facility management and development for a diverse range of sectors which include buildings intended for commercial and residential purposes, establishment of healthcare facilities, industrial and institutional complexes and also the development of general infrastructure.