Plans Revealed for La Pinta Floating Offshore Wind Power Project in Andalusia

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Plans have been revealed for the construction of La Pinta floating offshore wind power plant on the Southern coast of Andalusia, Spain. The facility will be IberBlue Wind’s second. IberBlue is a joint venture between Simply Blue Group, Proes Consultores, and FF New Energy Ventures.

The project pays homage to one of Christopher Columbus’ historic caravels. It will occupy an area of approximately 316 square kilometres off the coasts of Granada and Almeria. Furthermore, it will feature up to 55 turbines with a total installed capacity of around 990 MW. This ambitious venture aims to supply renewable energy to over 670,000 households once operational.

La Pinta: Development Details and Economic Impact

IberBlue has submitted the Initial Project Document (IPD). This outlines La Pinta’s technical specifications to Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO).

Thus, it is projected to require an investment exceeding EUR 2.5 billion for construction and maintenance. It is also expected to create more than 3,300 job opportunities. Additionally, La Pinta’s vast capacity and strategic location exemplify IberBlue’s commitment to sustainable development and economic growth in the region.

Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement

IberBlue Wind places great emphasis on community engagement and collaboration with stakeholders throughout the development process. Furthermore, the company actively seeks partnerships with civil society, coastal communities, and organizations connected to marine activities.

By fostering positive relationships with the Junta de Andalucía (regional government), local municipalities, associations, and representative bodies, IberBlue aims to ensure seamless integration of its wind farms into the region’s environment and contribute to the well-being of coastal communities.

Julio Vera, Stakeholder Engagement & Policy Director of IberBlue Wind, highlighted the significance of Andalusia as a prime location for offshore wind projects. He emphasized the area’s abundant wind resources, well-established infrastructure, and the potential to become a benchmark for such initiatives.

However, Vera acknowledged the need for reinforcing the electricity network in the vicinity to effectively harness all the energy generated by the wind farms.

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Continued Expansion: Nao Victoria Project

La Pinta marks the second offshore wind farm being developed by IberBlue Wind in Andalusia. In November of the previous year, the joint venture announced its Nao Victoria project. The project is situated in the Alboran Sea off the coasts of Malaga and Cadiz.

Similar to La Pinta, the Nao Victoria wind farm is set to have a capacity of approximately 990 MW. Thus, these ambitious endeavours reflect IberBlue Wind’s commitment to driving the sustainable energy transition. This is as well fostering renewable power generation in the region.

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