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Launch of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Development Framework in Namibia

On Monday July 24, Obeth Kandjoze, the Director General of the National Planning Commission, inaugurated the Launch of Green Hydrogen & Ammonia social economic Development Framework in Namibia. Kandjoze emphasized that the launch of the SED represents a crucial achievement in fulfilling the government’s social progress goals by promoting infrastructure development and economic advancement. He also highlighted that this initiative aligns with the principles of Harambee, aiming to bring prosperity to all, especially when it is most needed by the people of the //Kharas region.

Kandjoze, who also serves as the chairperson of the Green Hydrogen Council, highlighted that the SED framework define specific advantages and prospects offered by the first giga-scale hydrogen project to various stakeholders in Namibia, such as local communities, businesses, and the youth.

Total cost for the Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Development Framework

According to Obeth Kandjoze project cost amounted to N$200 billion, from the amount N$60 billion spent on goods, services, and materials over the four-year construction period. Among the tangible benefits for Namibians, the green hydrogen project is expected to generate over 15,000 new jobs during its construction phase and create 3,000 permanent jobs during its operational phase. The ambitious target is to have 90% of these positions occupied by Namibian citizens.

Kandjoze also mentioned that approximately 20% of the jobs are specifically earmarked for the youth. Additionally, the project aims to achieve around 30% local procurement of goods, services, and materials during both the construction and operational phases.

Kandjoze emphasized that the SED framework incorporates a rigorous process, where Hyphen will validate the estimated benefits through comprehensive baseline studies conducted during the feasibility phase. This approach ensures that the projected figures are transformed into concrete commitments, operating under a strict governance framework.

The guiding principles of the framework encompass key aspects such as employment, local procurement, supplementary infrastructure, skills development, enterprise and supplier development, and corporate social investment.

Commencement of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Development Framework

As per the current timeline, construction of the Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Development facility in Namibia is anticipated to commence in 2026 and span four years before its operation can begin. During the launch, Hyphen CEO Marco Raffinetti revealed that the feasibility study for the project is projected to take at least two and a half years before actual construction can commence. While the government focuses on establishing the legal framework, Hyphen will concentrate on the feasibility study and project design to achieve financial closure, enabling the commencement of construction. Raffinetti emphasized that this massive project necessitates collaboration from all stakeholders to come to fruition.

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