Lhyfe commsions 5 MW hydrogen plant in France

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Green hydrogen developer Lhyfe has announced the commission of a 5 MW green hydrogen plant in the Morbihan region of Brittany, in France.

The site is close to 6,800 square meters and is to be located in the commune of Buleon. The plant will have an annual production of 575 tonnes, or 2 tonnes of hydrogen per day for the industrial use and local mobility.

According to a press statement, this is one of the largest and first green renewable hydrogen production site in the Northwestern region France. It will mainly supply hydrogen for local transport and the industrial processes of regional companies.

With a containerised format, the facility will produce hydrogen via water electrolysis using renewable electricity. The power supply has been secured under an offtake agreement with the nearby VSB Energies Nouvelles wind farm.

This launch comes shortly after Lhyfe energized its third 5 MW green hydrogen production facility within the South most French region of Occitania in Bessieres. This was part of the Great west Hydrogen Valley initiative whose purpose is to establish territorial hydrogen ecosystems.

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The company is aiming at having a daily output of 80 tonnes by 2026. This is to be support by a EUR 28 million debt to fund the projects into existence which includes five other sites under construction or expansion across Europe. Each with five times the production capacity of the initial site – meet the growing market demand for green and renewable hydrogen.

The first urban community to benefit from this project will be the Lorient Agglomération in Brittany.

Lhyfe uses renewable electricity to produce hydrogen that is carbon free, in addition to producing hydrogen by electrolysis of water.

Lhyfe founder and chief executive Matthieu Guesné highlighted that completion of the project will help decarbonize the industry and mobility in the region.