Construction of Houses for Houses for Cyclone Freddy Survivors Launched in Malawi

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Former Presidents, Dr Bakili Muluzi and Dr Joyce Banda joined forces to launch the construction of Houses for Cyclone Freddy Survivors in Malawi. The cyclone tragedy occurred in the Sub Traditional Authority (ST/A) Phelemwe area of Phalombe. The houses will be constructed under Tigwirane Manja Campaign, introduced by President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera. The president in March this year launched the initiative to mobilize resources for the rebuilding process.

Dr Banda, Dr Muluzi, and Mr Mmobuosi, alongside President Chakwera, revealed a commemoration to honour the launch of the construction works. This imperative moment launches the start of a major endeavour aimed at providing homes for the survivors of Cyclone Freddy. Additionally, Habitat for Humanity has contributed building materials to 430 Cyclone Freddy survivors. The donated materials include timber, robes, hammers, pangas, hoes, blankets, shovels, nails and tents amounting to K160 million.

Significance of house construction to the Houses for Cyclone Freddy Survivors in Malawi

President Chakwera appointed Muluzi and Banda as Goodwill Ambassadors for Cyclone Freddy Recovery, recognizing their commitment to supporting the affected communities. Dr Banda took to Facebook to express her gratitude for the generous contribution made by Dozy Mmobuosi, a Nigerian national. Importantly, the funds provided by Mmobuosi have made constructing these houses possible.

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The launch of the construction works provides a fresh start and a renewed sense of hope for those affected by the devastating cyclone. Additionally, some survivors will acquire job opportunities directly during the construction phase. Therefore, the project will boost the economy of the locals amidst harsh disaster moment.

Importantly, the house construction project will boost the health sector once completed. Trade will start revamping in the area and infrastructure development will be expected. The project will further create a sense of social equalization in the country.