Rumphi water supply system in Malawi to be expanded

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Rumphi water supply system in Malawi is set for expansion. This came to light following a notice of prequalification issued by the Northern Region Water Board (NRWB).

Proposals for the notice of prequalification should be submitted by May 16, 2023, for companies interested. The companies that have been shortlisted will then be qualified to submit bids for the tender that will be launched in July 2024.

Scope of the project for expansion of Rumphi water supply system in Malawi

The project scope will reportedly comprise rehab, upgrade, as well as expansion of the town’s water supply systems.┬áParticularly the project will include the installation of pumping units with capacities ranging from 97 m3 every hour to 320 m3 per hour.

Additionally it will include the development of four pumping stations, and a 25 meter long reinforced concrete weir. Moreover the works will include the construction reinforced concrete tanks with a combined capacity of 7,500 m3 are all included in the scope of work.

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A distribution network with a length of 240 km and a diameter range of 100 mm to 300 mm will also be built. The network will also comprie a water intake pipeline with a diameter of 500 mm as well as a length of 1,600 m. This network will supply drinking water that has been purified at a new plant. The daily capacity of this plant will be 19,415 m3.

The network will also deliver water to 200 new water points.

Project implementation period

To complete all of the work outlined for the water project, the selected company will be given 18 months. This will be followed by a 12-month guarantee period.

Through this project, at least 20 villages close to Rumphi will have continuous access to drinking water.