Mandaue City’s Traffic Woes to Get a Boost From New Innovative Interchange.

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The ongoing traffic disruptions in the Philippines in Mandaue City, especially at the corner of M. C. Briones and UN Avenue will soon be alleviated by the construction of a new three-tiered interchange. This was approved by the House of Representatives recently.

The representative of the remote district of Mandaue city, Emmarie “Lolypop” Ouano-Dizon, was the lead author of the bill H.B No. 9586. He informed the constituents of the city of the approval of the project saying that the intersection would solve the problem of heavy traffic at the intersection with Cebu North Road.

He announced with pleasure that the four house bills, of which she was the lead author, included three national priority bills. Ouano-Dizon continued to announce that they were all passed at the final meeting before Christmas. They were all included in the joint legislative program of the Advisory Council on Legislative and Executive Development (LEDAC) of Marcos.

Similar Bills Passed That Involve The Construction Of The New Interchange In Mandaue City.

In addition to the three-tier bill, he co-authored three other similar bills that passed the House of Commons on the third and final reading. They include the bills H. B. 9648, and H.B 9673. The bills aim to amend the general law on public procurement and to improve the cooperative code of the Philippines. To better address the current needs and concerns of the cooperative sector, we would undertake this action.

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The district representative Ouano-Dizon, was also responsible for the work on the Volunteer Emergency Protection Act. He was also responsible for the Good Samaritan Act and the National Volunteer Month Act.

Ouano-Dizon continued to express his appreciation to his fellow co-authors of the draft laws. The commission would prepare a single replacement law summarizing these laws. They would also take into account the harmonization of versions and the contributions of popular resources.

The Mandaue City representative stated that he relies heavily on the support of the authorities and civil society in achieving this new interchange. Such organizations would include the Philippine National Volunteer Coordinating Agency and the Department of National Defense- Red Network Civil Defense Office of the Philippines.