Maryvale EfW Project Reaches Major Milestone as Global Engineering Partners Signed On

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The Maryvale EfW project consortium has inked a monumental engineering services agreement, advancing Australia’s first major energy from waste facility towards becoming a reality. The deal brings global construction leader Cobra and technology experts Babcock & Wilcox on board to deliver the innovative plant in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

Securing the right technology and engineering partners has been key. As project leader Chris Nagaura explained, “Cobra and Babcock & Wilcox bring world-class construction and technology expertise to the table.” Together, they form a global dream team that can transform waste into clean energy.

So how will it all come together?

Spanish infrastructure heavyweight Cobra will handle the crucial upfront engineering and design work. Their scope even covers investigating the potential to expand capacity to handle up to 375,000 tonnes of household waste per year. That’s a lot of rubbish kept out of landfills!

Cobra will also oversee initial geotech work and site preparations beginning early next year. The aim is having detailed costings and plans ready within 12 months so that financing can be finalized.

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Landmark Agreement Propels Maryvale EfW Project Towards Construction

When it comes to the all-important core technology for the Maryvale facility, the consortium conducted an international search to find the best. The choice? American firm Babcock & Wilcox, a global leader in Energy from Waste solutions.

With over 500 successful installations under their belt, including the iconic Copenhill ski slope plant in Copenhagen, Babcock & Wilcox have proven their mettle. They’ll provide the specialized furnace, boiler, and emissions control equipment needed to convert waste into electricity for thousands of homes.

The Latrobe Valley community can rest assured the Maryvale project puts sustainability first. Babcock & Wilcox are masters at maximizing energy output while meeting strict environmental standards.

Rounding out the global brain trust is environmental services powerhouse Veolia. Once construction wraps up, Veolia will take the reins in operating and maintaining the facility. For locals, that brings peace of mind.

Veolia already successfully manages 65 Energy to Waste plants globally. With their track record of excellence, the Maryvale project’s reliability and performance will be in safe hands. The consortium conducted an extensive selection process and Veolia stood heads and shoulders above the alternatives.

What’s Next for the Project EfW Project?

Now that the core partners are locked in, the Maryvale Energy from Waste project can shift focus to finalizing budgets, securing financing, and preparing the site for the 2024 construction launch.

It’s an exciting milestone for a project that promises to re-energize the Latrobe Valley’s future. Along with creating 500 local construction jobs, the operation of this state-of-the-art Energy from Waste Plant aligns perfectly with the region’s strengths and skills. Not to mention keeping nearly 400,000 wheelie bins of rubbish out of landfills annually!

The people behind the Maryvale EfW project have demonstrated the value of thinking globally but acting locally. By combining international expertise with community support, they are turning the valley’s needs into opportunities. The Maryvale Energy from Waste facility may soon lead Australia by example in sustainability best practice thanks to its world-class foundations.