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Construction of Renopool solar park in Spain, a 330 MW project, has officially commenced. The photovoltaic installation is located in Badajoz and will generate 660 GWh per year. This is equivalent to the energy consumption of around 200,000 households. Furthermore, it will feature seven photovoltaic plants and one electric substation near Solana de los Barros. It will be built using the best available technologies. This includes bifacial modules, solar tracking structures, and central inverters. The solar park will be connected to the national transmission grid through infrastructure consisting of three connection nodes and a high-voltage line built and shared with other developers.

Completion Date

The Renopool Solar park is expected to be completed in 2025. The execution of the project is entrusted to top-tier companies under the turnkey formula.

“The construction of the Renopool solar park, the largest photovoltaic plant built by Plenitude, confirms our commitment to the Spanish renewable energy sector, where we operate about 400 MW of wind and photovoltaic plants in operation, more than 1,000 MW under construction, and more than 2,000 MW under development,” said Stefano Goberti, CEO of Plenitude. “In addition, thanks to our integrated business model, we are also growing in the country’s retail market. We have more than 300,000 customers, and we have recently begun to expand our network of electric vehicle charging points in the Iberian Peninsula as well”.

Project Team

The project team includes construction companies OHLA, Sacyr and Sarpel. Present at the groundbreaking ceremony was Ignacio Gragera, Mayor of Badajoz, and D. Víctor del Moral Agúndez, General Secretary for Sustainable Development of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development of the Regional Government of Extremadura. This project has been noted as the largest Plenitude has undertaken. The company is controlled by Eni and is active in over 15 countries across the world. They have a business model integrating the production of electricity from renewable sources, with over 3 GW installed capacity, the sale of energy and energy solutions to 10 million European clients, and an extensive network of 20,000 charging points for electric vehicles.

The 595MW Garoña solar project

Earlier this year, the Spanish government authorized Solaria to construct another large solar project, the 595MW Garoña solar project. The project is going to be put together on the site of the decommissioned Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant in Burgos province. Furthermore, the new solar facility is set to provide a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. It will generate enough electricity to meet the annual needs of the entire province of Burgos and power 300,000 homes. Further, the construction of the Garoña solar park will create 2,400 jobs, with a focus on local employment.

Solaria obtains Administrative Construction Authorisation for its 595 MW Garoña  project – Solaria

The park will also contribute to indirect job creation and will have a productive lifespan of 30 years. The authorisation aligns with the Solaria’s goal to expand its capacity to 3GW by the end of 2024. Solaria general manager Darío López stated: “Obtaining the Administrative Construction Authorisation is great news for us, for the province of Burgos and for society as a whole. This project is a clear example of energy transition. In addition, it will have a revitalising effect on the economy of the Bureba region.”

Additionally, in September 2023, Indarberri, a joint venture between Solaria and the Basque Energy Agency, received positive environmental impact statements for the Vitoria 1 and Vitoria 2 solar plants, with a total capacity of 100MW. To be located in the Basque country, these plants will power 60,000 homes annually while preventing 50,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions.

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