Morocco recently announced a plan to set aside an area of land for green hydrogen projects

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Government of Morocco recently announced a plan to set aside an area of land covering 1 million hectares for the production of renewable energies with a special focus, on green hydrogen projects and its related products like green ammonia. This strategic decision highlights Moroccos dedication to energy growth and its goal to play a role in the global renewable energy sectors.


This expansive land area designated for energy ventures signifies a commitment by the Moroccan government towards meeting its renewable energy objectives. The initial proposal involves allocating 300,000 hectares of land which will be divided into parcels ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 hectares each. These parcels are tailored to accommodate types of energy projects based on their size and scope.

An integral part of the governments strategy is granting land to investors while ensuring supervision to facilitate the successful implementation of renewable energy initiatives. Promisingly there has been interest shown by a range of investors, both local and international. This strong interest underscores the increasing acknowledgment of Moroccos potential as a destination for investments in energy.

Completion date

With ambitions for progress the government aims to finalize contracts as early, as the third quarter of 2024.
This urgent timeline highlights the importance of advancing energy projects in Morocco. By involving the sector and expediting project development the country aims to speed up its transition, towards an energy future.

In an interview on television Laila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition emphasized the crucial role of private sector investments in driving Moroccos renewable energy agenda. Benali stressed the need to significantly boost investments in energy with a goal to triple current levels and increase overall investments fivefold. This ambitious objective demonstrates Moroccos dedication to using energy as a driver for growth and environmental sustainability.

Benali also emphasized the significance of efforts like the investment plan initiated by the Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP). Valued at MAD 130 billion ($14.2 billion) this comprehensive plan includes initiatives such as producing fertilizers expanding renewable energy production and leading seawater desalination projects. This multifaceted approach showcases Moroccos strategy, for ensuring energy security and preservation.

Morocco is not focused on consumption but also aims to become a major global exporter of renewable hydrogen.
By the year 2030 Morocco is expected to have an energy demand of 4 TWh/year. The country is strategically positioned to fulfill the increasing energy requirements of both international markets. Leveraging its proximity, to Europe Morocco aims to become a supplier to the European Union, which plans to import around 10 million tons of hydrogen by 2030.

Essentially Moroccos forward thinking strategies signal a shift towards energy generation and exportation. Through tapping into resources abundant potential Morocco is not boosting economic development and creating jobs but also playing a role in global endeavors to address climate change and promote a more sustainable future, for upcoming generations.

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