MS-Metals Levels Up with Construction of Tabuk Steel Factory Expected to Open Doors in 2024

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MS-Metals is building a fully automated and computerized factory for metal solutions dubbed as the Tabuk steel factory. The company is located in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, where construction has already kicked off. The factory is expected to be up and running by March 2024. The aim of the plant is to tap into the already fast-growing Saudi construction project markets. The construction revenue in the kingdom is headed for an all-time record by the end of the year. Another factor spurring this vast rocket growth in construction is the complexity of the construction projects that are being undertaken in the Kingdom. Projects such as Neom have spurred innovations in the manufacturing construction sector in the region.

The total area of the Tabuk Steel Factory is expected to be at 33,400 square meters (sq m). The project will also include a 13,500 square meters of production facilities. This will also include 12 assembly lines which will serve its product range. Once it is fully operational, Tabuk Steel Factory will supply various construction materials across the region. The produced materials in the factory will also be used in the construction of containerized units for various projects in the Kingdom and the wider Gulf region. The Tabuk Steel factory will use a preprogrammed software to automate work and its machines in the company.

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The Tabuk Steel Factory Has Based Operations in a Strategic Location That has a Growing Construction Industry

The Tabuk Steel Factory boasts of the strategic location in which MS-Metals has based its operations. The surge in project activity in Saudi Arabia and the gulf region provides an ample environment for the company to thrive. Other factors such as the surge in project activities in Saudi Arabia together with the rising demand of materials play part. The manufacturing company aims to place emphasis on the potential for effective metal solutions. This include LGS buildings and modular construction within the Gulf region mostly the Saudi Kingdom. The region provides a great opportunity of metal solutions in the modern construction era. The Tabuk Steel Factory is strategically positioned within 180 kilometers of all the Neom projects. The company is also strategically placed 480 kilometers of all Read Sea projects.