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As a whole, the Mulgoa Road Upgrade project forms part of the Australian and NSW Governments’ plans to upgrade roads for current and future traffic demands. Moreover, official reports state that the development strives to serve best, the expected population growth in the area.

On behalf of the Mulgoa Road Upgrade development, the Transport for NSW announced plans for its 40km/hr construction speed zone. As the project continues to materialize, road users will have to adhere to reduced speed limits from 17 August 2023. The speed zone will stretch from Mulgoa Road along School House Road down to Surveyors Creek.

Cost of the Mulgoa Road Upgrade Project

It is estimated the project will cost a reported $243.9 million, with several residents supporting the investment. In a nutshell, Mulgoa Road serves as an essential pathway for residents in Glenmore Park. Thus, the announcement for the new 40km/hr speed construction zone received excitement and encouraging remarks from the community. 

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Contractor for the Mulgoa Road Upgrade Project

The contract was awarded to Turnbuilt Engineering and Seymour Whyte Construction, last year. The Mulgoa Road Upgrade Development Project is reported to take about three years, with completion set for 2026. According to an official statement, the project is revealed aled to offering employment to about 200 people, on its construction site. 

Mulgoa Road stands as a significant arterial road that links the area to the CBD (central business district). Furthermore, the road also serves as an important connecting link to other sections of Greater Sydney. A press release noted that the Mulgoa Road Upgrade will be delivered in three, proposed stages. These include Stage 2 which is about 850 meters, stretching from Glenmore Parkway down to Jeanette Street, Glenmore Park. Meanwhile, Stage 5 is marked from Blaikie Road to Jamison Road, Penrith that is approximately 1.2 kilometers. Lastly, Stage 5B will then take on from Jamison Road to Union Road, Penrith spanning about one kilometer.