Namibia plans to establish its own diamond hub for trading.

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A delegation from the Ministry of Mines and Energy is embarking on a significant visit to Angola this week, aiming to gain valuable insights into the country’s thriving oil and gas sector as well as its well-established diamond industry.

Led by Deputy Minister Kornelia Shilunga, the delegation’s visit follows Angola’s Minister for Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Diamantino Azevedo’s recent trip to Windhoek, where both nations agreed to establish a bilateral working group. This collaborative effort aims to implement the measures outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on November 29, 2022, during the Angolan Oil and Gas International Forum in Luanda.

The Namibian delegation has split into two groups, each focusing on a specific sector of interest. The first group is immersing themselves in Angola’s oil and gas sector, which holds great relevance for Namibia as it seeks to develop its own energy industries. Meanwhile, the second group is delving into the intricacies of the diamond industry, spanning mining to value creation.


Namibia’s plans to establish its own hub have led to the exploration of Angola’s diamond trading hub. The delegation aims to gain comprehensive insights into the entire value chain, including government agencies involved in promoting and establishing diamond companies, sorting plants, grinding facilities, sales, and marketing units, logistics companies, and private security firms specialized in transportation.

By closely studying Angola’s diamond industry, Namibia seeks to enhance its own strategies and practices as it endeavors to establish a robust and efficient trading hub. The visit will span various engagements, allowing the Namibian delegation ample time to absorb valuable knowledge and forge fruitful partnerships.

This exchange of expertise and cooperation between Namibia and Angola holds immense potential for both countries, facilitating the growth and development of their respective natural resource sectors. Through shared knowledge and collaborative efforts, they aim to strengthen their positions as key players in the global oil, gas, and diamond markets.

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