Negotiations to begin for Luanda Light Railway’s Yellow Line €1.3bn contract

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Negotiations are set to begin for the €1.3bn Luanda Light Railway’s Yellow Line contract. This is after the Angolan president, Mr. João Lourenço gave the green light.

Reportedly, the contract includes the supply and implementation of signaling, telecommunications, and traction power systems. This is in addition to traffic control systems and the supply of 68 four-car LRVs.

The negotiations will be between Siemens Mobility and the government of the Southern African country.  Previously, in 2020 the two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project.

Luanda Light Railway Yellow Line project

The proposal for the light rail network was announced back in 2019. The 149 km line will serve the main axis of the city. This will be from the Port of Luanda to Cacuaco, and Avenida Fidel Castro Ruz to Benfica. It will also serve Port of Luanda to Largo da Independência and Cidade do Kilamba to 1º de Maio.

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The Luanda Light Railway project will be carried out in sections. The initial section is the Yellow Line which is 37 km long. The line cuts across Port of Luanda, Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, Unidade Operativo de Luanda, and Sapú to Kilamba City. It will reportedly be a double-track with 24 stops and a rolling stock maintenance depot at the Port of Luanda and Kilamba City.

The entire project, which is currently in the development stage, will be carried out under a public-private partnership (PPP).

Aim for the project

The Luanda Light Railway project aims to respond to the increasing transport challenges caused by the growing population in Luanda. The population is reportedly expected to reach 12 million by 2030.