Neom In Discussion with Contractors over $2Billion Trojena Dams Construction Project

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Saudi-based Company, Neom has completed the technical evaluation for the proposals for the Trojena dams project. The contracted companies are in talks with the client over a proposition on the scope of the project. This is being done so as to outline the commercial aspects of the project. Neom earlier in the year engaged three selected companies on an early contractor involvement (ECI) basis. The companies included a consortium of Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ayuni with Turkiye-based Limak. The other company in the consortium was PowerChina based in Beijing and WeBuild, a company based in Italy. The process involved in the ECI negotiations requires the contracted companies to put forth methodologies for the project.

The companies are also implored to bring forth various design proposals for the Trojena dams. The client company will select one contractor after reviewing the proposals brought forth and award them the 26-month contract. Neom awarded a $1.2bn infrastructure development contract in October at Trojena to two of the bidding consortium companies. This include local based Al-Ayuni Investments and Contracting and Turkish Limak Holding which also has acquisition prospects for the Trojena dams. The scope of the contract covers the construction of a freight depot and a tunnel and excavation work at Trojena.

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The Scope of The Main Trojena Dam will use 2.7 million Cubic Meters of Roller Compact Concrete (RCC)

The main Trojena dam will have a length of 475 meters and a height of 145 meters at its crest. The dam will be built using 2.7 Million cubic meters of roller compact concrete. 650,000 cubic meters of RCC will also be used to construct a dam within the planned lake. This will create an island below the water level. The dam is expected to have a kidney-like shape and will have a height of 38 meters . The dam will also be 700 meters in length and will be connected to the nearby Lake Village through an underground tunnel. The Enchanted Forests is one of the attraction sites that the dam landscape will be able to offer once completed. The three dams are expected to create the central lake at the Trojena mountains resort. This is the resort hosting the 2029 Winter Asian Games.