NEOM Prepares to Tender Construction Work for The Line

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NEOM has set in motion plans to start issuing tender documents for construction work on one of its projects, The Line. The tenders for the gigaproject are expected to be issued out before the year ends. The developer for the massive project recently pointed out the expected timeline for upcoming construction packages. This includes several building modules as well as a hidden marina. NEOM is already the largest construction project in the world with a $500 billion investment. The project is also one of the world’s most active construction projects with more than $30bn contracts awarded. The tenders being issued out covers the construction of basements for various modules. It also covers for the construction of rafts and an onsite basement precast yard facility.

NEOM’s The Line project aims to tender the work in 12 packages in which six of them will be for the rafts. Furthermore, five will be for the basements and one will be tendered for the basement precast yard facility. The scope entails that the precast yard will be built on a design, build, operate and maintain basis (DBOM). The world’s second-largest concrete pour of 43,000 cubic meters is set for the construction of the raft. The concrete pour will be done onto what the project refers to as the mega core. The client company expects that companies will form consortiums and joint ventures to bid for the tenders. The Line project briefing update was attended by a host of both local and international companies. This include Spain-based Acciona, local Abr Contracting and local Albawani. It also included local-headquartered El-Seif Engineering Contracting in attendance. 

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NEOM’s The Line Expects to Issue all Contracts by The Second Quarter of the Year 2025

The Line request for proposal (RFP) issue date for the basement precast yard facility is scheduled for January. The contract is expected to be awarded by August. The RFP for the basement for module 46 is expected to be floated in January. The contract is expected to be awarded in July to the preferred bidders. The RFP for the module 45 is in January 2025 and the tentative contract to be awarded in July the same year. The module for RFPs for the other modules are expected to be tendered in February 2025 and anticipated to be awarded in August 2025. The Line is one of the most anticipated projects in the Saudi Kingdom as progression gains pace.