Neom Unveils Utamo; A Mixed-Use Arts and Entertainment Destination Center

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In the latest addition to the innovation hub’s destination in Saudi Arabia, Neom has unveiled the development of Utamo. This is one of the destinations in Northwest Saudi Arabia that will indulge tourists in arts and entertainment. The project aims to offer a diverse sense and experience of Saudi Arabia’s art and entertainment culture. The project will also offer an ideal venue to host various events and musical performances. It will also provide a hub for exhibitions and artistic activities to take place. The project is situated amid the mountains overlooking the shores of the Red Sea.
The initiative of Utamo aims to create a shift in the quality of traditional entertainment concepts. This will be done by offering local and international tourists a rich experience of various ideals. This will include harmonizing the location’s natural essence with advanced technologies. This will facilitate the merge of art and architecture which will enhance the project’s aesthetics. The scope of the project entails the construction of a 64-meter entrance with unique artistic designs. This will not only prepare visitors for what is inside Utamo but also create the needed anticipation. The scope also includes the inclusion of a pathway that will stretch along a garden. The scenic space will lead guests to a grand reception lounge at the end of the pathway.

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The Construction of Utamo is in Line With NEOM’s Sustainable Development Aims

The construction of Utamo coincides with NEOM’s established approach to support sustainable development. The design and construction of the project will be employed with the aim of preserving 95 percent of its natural beauty. The site will also feature integrated capabilities that will make it one of the most distinguished vent venues in the world. Utamo will be able to organize and host shows for the world’s top artists and performers. Furthermore, the project will be designed in a way that will facilitate the installation of all necessary equipment. This will ensure visitor engagement with advanced audiovisual systems. It will also facilitate the hosting of various immersive artist performances.