Salalah Green Ammonia Project Takes Shape as Preferred Consortium Signs Agreement Contract

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Oman’s state-owned company OQ has formed a consortium with other multinational companies to secure the Salalah Green Ammonia Project. The project aims to produce 1 million tons of green ammonia every year in Oman. The company is joining hands with other multinational agencies to take part in Oman’s large-scale green ammonia production project. The consortium signed a land use and development agreement contract with Hydrom relating to the project. Hydrom is the project’s client company that was established by the Omani government to venture into the green hydrogen business. The scope of the project entails three green hydrogen zones.
The Salalah Green Ammonia project will be situated in the central and southern regions of Oman. These regions are evaluated to be more suitable for the production of eco-friendly energy. The Omani government has shifted focus in the selection of operators for the green ammonia projects in the second phase. The multinational consortium has received exclusive rights from the Omani government to facilitate the green hydrogen venture in the country. This is due to the consortium’s competence in the global market in the renewable energy and clean energy business.

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The Salalah Green Ammonia Project is Projected to Produce One Million Tons of Green Ammonia Annually

The Salalah Green Ammonia Project is expected to produce one million tons of green ammonia annually. This will be done in the Salalah Free Trade Zone, a southern port city of Oman. The project’s scope entails establishing large-scale renewable energy power plants. This will include solar and wind and also utilizing an ammonia plant to produce green ammonia. The agreement issues a go-ahead for the construction plans of the project to take shape. The project plans to start its infrastructure works after basic designs and preliminary surveys are done in 2027. The Salalah Green Ammonia Project aims to have started production by 2030. The produced ammonia will be exported to global markets for use in carbon-free energy power generation. This includes countries such as Japan and Korea. The project will be a great advancement in Oman’s venture in the green ammonia production industry.