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Just recently, Saudi Arabia’s modern urban area, made an announcement in a press release that they will be adding to its luxury members-only beach clubs, the NEOM Xaynor Beach, that would be located on the coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba, which Neom made its description as “a revolutionary regional development in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia”The luxurious beach which is also known as Xaynor, has been designed to be embedded into nature in order to give it looks that are said to be “as though tectonic plates made a collision” and according to a description that was made by architect Javier Bringas, pointed out walking into Xaynor as a journey of passing through an oasis towards a water line that is flowing into the pools which links the oasis with the ocean.

The upcoming NEOM Xaynor Beach is set to not only become a hub of premium beach and pool experiences but also have state of the art culinary delights, music and entertainment, as well as utilizing technology to control wind and water maintain favourable and comfortable temperatures, thus giving a luxurious experience with a connection to the surrounding nature.

Facilities of the NEOM Xaynor Beach

To showcase the pinnacle of modern luxury, Xaynor will be offering quite a number of facilities such as private pools, a number of beachfront lounges, fine dining, a top-notch entertainment venue, and lastly an elite spa and wellness area.

In order to enhance these options, NEOM Xaynor Beach will be offering boutique shopping, options for leisure, and experiences that will be exclusively for members only tailored in partnership with brand partners that are recognized globally in the field of fashion, art, and lifestyle.

Xaynor is expected to provide a perfect environment for enjoyment, relaxing, and even socialization.

On the arrival at the NEOM Xaynor Beach, the guests will be greeted by the marvelous canopy entrance that will be blending with the natural landscape surrounding it and providing a wonderful pathway as one heads down the beach.

This one-of-a-kind architectural style effortlessly combines the concealed retreats and the quite expansive open spaces. The guests at Xaynor will have a choice to either involve in private seclusion or mingle with other people at the beach.

The upcoming NEOM Xaynor Beach project complements its coastal location as it makes contribution to the sustainable efforts of tourism. This is in line with the dedication of NEOM to conservation and innovation.

Other Similar Projects

Just two weeks ago, NEOM also unveiled Zardun, which is a sanctuary resort that had been designed to enhance luxury tourism in Saudi Arabia.

This project is also found in the Gulf of Aqaba. Xaynor projects joins a number of previous announcements which include Leyja, Epicon, Sirrana, Utamo, Norlana golf project, the Aquellum sky scrapper and lastly Zardun which are a part of the flagship of Neom of sustainable destinations of tourism.

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