NEOM Announces Norlana to Feature an 18-Hole Signature Golf Course

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NEOM has announced that the private enclave on the Gulf of Aqaba coast will feature an exquisite 18-hole signature golf course. The client company has also announced that this is just one of the many features that Norlana will offer. The project will also include an equestrian estate and even offer maritime activities. This includes sailing, swimming, and diving activities. The announcement of the golf course is the latest addition to the project. On 27th December last year, NEOM’s Board of Directors announced Norlana and their ambitions for the project. The project is expected to shape up to be an ultra-modern active lifestyle community. It is NEOM’s latest addition to the region development project, northwest of Saudi Arabia. The project is located on the Gulf of Aqaba’s coastline and its scope entails creating an exclusive community of 3,000 residents. Norlana will provide contemporary luxury such as the 18-hole signature golf course fused with advanced technology.18-Hole Signature Golf course

The Exquisite 18-hole Signature Golf Course will be Adjacent to an Equestrian Center

NEOM has announced that the 18-hole signature golf course will be nestled among rugged mountains. The golf course will be strategically placed to an equestrian and a polo center nearby. The aim of nestling the 18-hole signature golf course together is for accessibility. The proximity will also provide diversity as residents can easily access the facilities. Norlana’s facilities will also include sports activities related to water such as diving and sailing. Local and international guests as well as residents can immerse themselves in the natural essence of Norlana. The 18-hole signature golf course will be part of this experience allowing guests to enjoy the environment in Norlana. Featuring luxurious residential mansions, apartments, and beach villas, Norlana is reserved only for the world’s most discerning connoisseurs.

Norlana Seeks to be Unique by Pioneering Standards for Sustainable and Active Living

NEOM’s Norlana uniqueness lies in its aim to pioneer standards for sustainable and active living. It aims to offer its guests and residents an exclusive community where they can unwind. These amenities include the 18-hole signature golf course in the project’s plan. It also aims to offer a savoring taste to life’s luxuries. The project seeks to include 3,000 residents, over 700 luxury residences, and 120 Bertha marinas. It also will include 80-room equestrian resorts and estates and 70-room marina hotels. Norlana places well-being and health at the core of its community and seeks to offer every viable opportunity for the guests to experience their passion in this serene environment. Essentially, Norlana’s core essence lies in redefining contemporary and active living.18-Hole Signature Golf Course

NEOM’s Norlana Aims to Endeavour the Commitment to Conserve the Environment

Aligned with NEOM’s commitment to conservation, Norlana will complement its coastal location. It will also be delivered innovatively and sustainably. Its main focus is on preserving the surrounding land and marine environments. Norlana will offer the pinnacle of ultra-luxury modern living through a harmonious blend of nature such as the 18-hole signature golf course and technology. News of the development follows the recent announcements of Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, and Utamo. These are also sustainable tourism destinations located in the Gulf of Aqaba. Norlana’s 18-hole signature golf course will be part of this endeavor, to complement Norlana and NEOM at large.

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