Nicaragua: Work on Managua’s Public Housing Scheme Commences

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Recently, construction work on a significant public housing scheme in Managua, Nicaragua, funded by China, commenced.

This is the first major project implemented with Chinese support after Nicaragua abandoned its diplomatic recognition of Taiwan in favor of the People’s Republic in 2021. The project is being constructed by CSCEC (China State Construction Engineering Corporation).

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The 12,034-unit project’s first phase is expected to include 920 affordable houses, a central square, sports grounds, as well as supporting infrastructure. It is anticipated that the full public housing scheme will take three years to execute in its entirety.

The China International Development Cooperation Agency, which is in charge of China’s international aid projects, offers funds for the 34-ha development. During the groundbreaking ceremony, Luo Zhaohui, the chairman of the company, stated that the scheme was proof of the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

How the Chinese ambassador to Nicaragua perceives the public housing scheme

Chen Xi, the Chinese ambassador to Nicaragua, was also in attendance. He said that the move will help Nicaragua achieve leapfrog development. He added that the public housing scheme also benefit the people of the country.

According to Laureano Ortega Murillo, coordinator of cooperation with China, the locals would be proud of the fact that the homes were established with the support of China and in partnership. Laureano Ortega Murillo is the son of Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua.

It is said that China and Nicaragua decided to make the scheme public for the first time. This came six weeks after the two countries’ diplomatic ties were established. This represents China’s takeover of Taiwan, which had backed initiatives similar to this. The last one of these schemes, which delivered 400 houses in 2021, was solidarity housing for vulnerable families.

Provisional agreements were entered between four Nicaraguan state institutions and Chinese mega-contractors. These involved CSCEC, China Communications, China CAMC Engineering, and the Power Construction Corporation of China. The agreement came after a top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi visited Managua in February.

Water, sanitation, renewable energy, rail lines, ports, as well as hospital facilities were all included.