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Bauchi State Assembly Advocates Urgent Construction of Feeder Roads.

The Bauchi State House of Assembly convened and advocated for the construction of feeder roads aimed at catalyzing infrastructural advancements within the state. This was eloquently presented by Hon. Garba Adamu Kawu, the esteemed representative of Ganjuwa West Constituency. He also accentuated the indispensable requirement for the construction of a 30-kilometer feeder road. The road would strategically be connecting Ningi and Ganjuwa Local Government Areas (LGAs).

The proposed road is slated to originate from the prominent Gadar Maiwa of Ningi LGA. It would traverse key waypoints such as Filin Shagari, Bakinka-Naka, Sumu Wild Park, and Ringim, culminating at Kafin Madaki, the administrative heart of Ganjuwa LGA.

Similar Road Construction Projects Approved By Bauchi State Assembly.

The Bauchi State House of Assembly recently commenced the construction of a 12-kilometer road among many other rehabilitation projects. Hon. Garba Lawan highlighted the proposed road’s importance in enhancing economic activities and connectivity in Warji Constituency. Hon. Abubakar Adamu Salihu emphasized the need to finish a Giade-to-Basirka road project, stressing its role in economic growth. Assembly members also supported the motions, underscoring Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad’s commitment to development.

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Bauchi State Assembly advocating for the construction of feeder roads holds profound implications for local farmers. It facilitates seamless transportation of their yields. Of particular note is its instrumental role in granting access to the renowned Sumu Wildlife Park – a multidimensional hub that attracts economic, ecological, research, and recreational interests.

The construction of these feeder roads, if realized, stands to revolutionize the agricultural value chain. It also serves as a magnet for foreign investments, fostering an economic renaissance that extends beyond state boundaries.

The Assembly members concurred that this potential project holds the key to elevating living standards and propelling economic dynamism. By endorsing these motions, the Bauchi State Assembly reiterates its solemn commitment to steering the course of progress and ensuring that the dividends of democratic representation reach every corner of the state. As these motions take shape, they embody a broader narrative of growth, empowerment, and a shared vision for a thriving future.

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