Delta State Approves N78 Billion Contracts for Vital Infrastructure Upgrades in Warri and Effurun.

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The Delta State Government has recently approved contracts totaling N78 billion for critical infrastructure upgrades in Warri and Effurun. These developments aim to address the persistent traffic congestion issues that have plagued these areas.

Fred Edafiogho, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works, announced these significant developments in Asaba. He emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to resolving the long-standing gridlock challenges.

Completion Date For The Delta State N78 Billion Infrastructure Upgrades.

The government has set an ambitious timeline for the completion of these N78 billion infrastructure upgrades, with a target completion date of December 2025. These transformative infrastructure upgrades will cover a distance of 4.359 kilometers. They will include cloverleaf interchanges and U-turns to ensure smooth traffic flow.

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The approved N78 Billion infrastructure upgrades encompass the construction of three essential flyovers and extensive road expansion initiatives. Among these is the construction of a flyover at Enerhen junction to Marine gate. Another vital project involves the expansion and enhancement of the DSC/NPA expressway section. This will be from the Effurun roundabout to the DSC roundabout. This comprehensive effort also includes the construction of a 3/4 Cloverleaf interchange at the existing Effurun flyover. As well as the installation of two pedestrian bridges. Additionally, a flyover at PTI junction and DSC roundabout along the Effurun/Patani. The East-West highway in Effurun is part of the infrastructure overhaul.

The road expansion component of the DSC/NPA expressway project aims to significantly increase road capacity. It will create two lanes for through traffic and two lanes for service roads in each direction, effectively doubling the current road capacity from four lanes to eight lanes. To effectively manage stormwater, they will incorporate side drains, directing water to the adjacent swamp and pipeline.

Delta State’s firm commitment to these vital infrastructure improvements underscores its dedication to enhancing transportation and improving the overall quality of life for the residents of Warri and Effurun.