Ebonyi State Governor Approves Road Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Development Plan.

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In a significant move to address the deteriorating road conditions Ebonyi State Governor, Governor Chief Francis Nwifuru has given approved the construction and road rehabilitation of eight critical roads. During the state executive council meeting, the decision was reached and it aims to improve transportation infrastructure across various regions.

8 Roads to be rehabilited in Ebonyi

The State Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Jude Okpor, made the official announcement to journalists in Abakaliki, outlining the roads slated for construction and rehabilitation. The list includes

  1. 41km road from Obubara Junction to Oferekpe,
  2. 19km stretch from Obvudechi to Iziogo,
  3. 31.827km road from Oferekpe to Agbaja,
  4. 12.81km route spanning from Ishieke to Odomoke Ekebiligwe to Isophu to Nworie, and
  5. 1.3km road leading to the Ebonyi Agro Dealers Market in Onuebonyi.

To ensure the durability and longevity of the roads, all construction and rehabilitation efforts will involve the use of concrete pavements. This method is known for its resilience and suitability for handling heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions, promising enduring results that will benefit residents and travelers alike.

Furthermore, the executive council demonstrated its commitment to enhancing education in the state by approving an upward revision of the monthly subvention to Ebonyi State University (EBSU) from N150 million to N200 million. Additionally, the council granted the release of N300 million, which was previously pledged by the immediate past administration to the university. This financial support, totaling #700 million, will undoubtedly bolster the university’s capacity to deliver quality education and academic excellence.

Governor Nwifuru has also upheld his campaign promise by directing the construction of befitting duplexes for traditional rulers across various communities in the state. This initiative seeks to enhance the dignity and welfare of these leaders, ensuring they have adequate accommodation to effectively serve their communities.

Lastly, the state executive council approved the procurement of vehicles for members of the Executive Council, House of Assembly members, and Security Agencies. This move aims to facilitate smooth governance, legislative activities, and law enforcement operations, ultimately contributing to a well-functioning and efficient government.

Ebonyi State governor’s approval of road rehabilitation and the approval of these vital projects and initiatives demonstrates his commitment to the comprehensive development of Ebonyi State. With a focus on road infrastructure, education, and governance, the state is poised to experience significant progress and improved living standards for its citizens.

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