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Federal Government’s Initiative To Construct A Standard Gauge Rail Line In Apapa, Nigeria.

The Federal Government’s initiative to construct a standard gauge rail line has ignited optimism at APM Terminals Apapa, as it anticipates a substantial boost in cargo delivery efficiency through rail connections to the hinterland. Steen Knudsen, the Terminal Manager, highlighted the significance of the standard gauge rail line in streamlining cost-effective cargo movement.

Knudsen applauded the federal government’s commitment to constructing a new standard gauge rail line at the port. He emphasized that this aligns harmoniously with Apapa’s overarching vision of fostering a more ecologically sustainable supply chain.

The Total Cost Of Running The APM Standard Gauge Rail Line Terminals In Apapa.

APM Terminals Apapa, Nigeria’s largest container terminal, has invested over $438 million over the past 17 years in equipment, facilities, and operational enhancements. This was with an emphasis on seamless cargo transportation and ecological stewardship. The construction of a standard gauge rail line stands as a beacon of progress. Progress in both efficient trade logistics and environmentally mindful practices.

While currently operating a narrow gauge railway line linking to Kano, APM Terminals Apapa is preparing for even greater efficiency with the introduction of the standard gauge rail line. Knudsen anticipated a surge in rail-based cargo movement, contributing to the company’s commitment to a greener mode of transportation.

Knudsen reaffirmed Apapa’s dedication to environmentally conscious operations. The terminal strategically employs cargo handling equipment that prioritizes fuel efficiency and ecological sustainability.

The Terminal Manager emphasized the global drive within A.P. Moller-Maersk to achieve net zero CO2 emissions across all operations worldwide, a goal embraced by APM Terminals Apapa. Knudsen illustrated the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. This included the recycling of used tires and plastics into functional products, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

The transformative potential of Apapa to construct a standard gauge rail line and align it with its broader vision showcases a commitment to reshaping the landscape of cargo movement while championing a sustainable future.

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