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FG begin plans for the construction of a flyover on the Abuja-Lokoja road

David Umahi, the minister of works, claims that the ministry of work, which he oversees will build a flyover on the Abuja-Lokoja road. David Umahi made this statement on while on a tour to check on current building projects on the Abuja-Lokoja route.

The minister traveled to various job sites with Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi State, and a few ministry directors. The Abuja-Lokoja road, in Umahi’s opinion, is a crucial gateway connecting the southwest. As well as south-south, and southeast regions to the Federal Capital Territory and the country’s northern regions. He claimed that due to its crucial position in the socio-economic life of the nation; priority should be given to it.

He said, “We have observed the Koton Karfe portion region that is constantly under water, and the only option to fix it is to perform a flyover above the flood level. That will work since it will require five flyovers because it is around 1.6 kilometers long, multiplied by two. So, in order to find long-term solutions to our problems, we are going to put forth a proposal and ask Mr. President to approve it.”

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Aim of the proposed flyover on the Abuja-Lokoja road

According to the minister, the planned flyover on the Abuja-Lokoja expressway will be a long-term fix to the persistent flooding issues on the highway.  The minister added that the road contracts would be reviewed and redesigned but asked the contractors to utilize concrete. He pledged to build concrete roads all around the nation. Because they are more enduring, could last up to 50 years, and required no upkeep.

The Kogi governor thanked the minister for picking the state for his first field assignment. And promised to provide all required assistance to the minister and the road contractors. Bello noted that constructing roads and providing other critical infrastructure by President Bola Tinubu’s administration will serve the people better than palliatives. In light of this, he thanked President Tinubu for naming Umahi as Minister of Works. Noting that “the minister is a field man and will deliver the Renewed Hope project of this Administration.”

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