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Kebbi State Government Allocates N2.4 Billion to Enhance Education Infrastructure.

Under the leadership of Governor Nasir Idris, the Kebbi State Government has taken a significant stride towards improving the education sector by approving a substantial sum of N2.4 billion. Kebbi State’s N2.4 billion for education infrastructure will be utilized for the construction of 82 new classrooms and the renovation of 22 others, aiming to enhance the learning environment in the state. Additionally, 7,215 pieces of furniture have been supplied to various schools to further support educational facilities.

Addressing the press at the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) headquarters in Birnin Kebbi, Alhaji Hassan Umar, the Executive Secretary of SUBEB, highlighted the various initiatives planned for the development of the education sector. The approved funds will actively direct toward building 62 toilets and five walls in primary schools to bolster security and comfort for students, apart from classroom construction and renovation.

Moreover, the allocation will facilitate the renovation of one hall and two hostels, as well as the provision of ICT gadgets to three schools, facilitating digital learning and raising the standard of education in the state. Alhaji Hassan Umar stressed that these measures actively gear towards creating a conducive learning environment, thus elevating the quality of teaching and learning in Kebbi State.

2022 expenditure on education by Nigerian Government

In 2022, the Nigerian government allocated a budget of N16.39 trillion to various sectors, with education being earmarked at N705.27 billion. Within this allocation, N593.47 billion was designated for the recurrent budget, encompassing expenses related to salaries, employee training, and administrative operations. Meanwhile, N111.80 billion was dedicated to the capital budget, aimed at supporting infrastructural development within the education sector. The percentage allocation of 4.3% for education in the total budget signifies the government’s commitment to investing in the growth and enhancement of the educational system.

The approval of N2.4 billion for education infrastructure marks a pivotal moment in Kebbi State’s history, indicating a firm commitment to nurturing a generation of well-educated and skilled individuals. With its strategic investments, the government poises Kebbi State to strengthen its education sector, empowering students and teachers alike and fostering a brighter future for the state.

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