NCDMB to start construction of Oil and gas park in Ondo State

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According to the NCDMB, the construction of oil and Gas Park is set to begin in Ondo State. The actual construction will be a low-cost manufacturing hub for equipment parts and spares used in the oil and gas industry.

At a meeting of top government officials, NCDMB Director of Monitoring and Evaluation Mr. Akintunde Adelana explained that the agency was created to act as a springboard to galvanize different sectors of the Nigerian economy.  He noted that the park will be built by the Board in collaboration with Shell Petroleum Development Company, ExxonMobil. As well as Nigerian Agip Oil Company (with specific reference to NOGAPS, Emeyal 1 and NOGAPS, Odukpani).

The facility is one of six being constructed in various regions of the nation under NCDMB’s Nigerian Oil and Gas Park Scheme (NOGAPS) in order to fulfill its corporate purpose to increase domestic oil and gas sector capacity.

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Location of the proposed Oil and gas park in Ondo State

The proposed Oil and gas park in Ondo will  be located in Ilaje, Ilaje Local Government Area of the State. It  will include manufacturing shop floors and factories, warehouses, training centers, and small estates. As well as fire stations, truck parking and holding spaces, hostels, and administrative buildings. The park aim to do away with importing equipment parts and supplies needed for oil sector operations.

According to Adelana, regulations regarding the use of domestic resources, such as local manpower, indigenous firms’ technical services, goods made locally, as well as raw materials available in the nation, have been strictly enforced. This is in line with the Board’s core mandate. Which centers around domesticating and domiciling value-adding activities in the oil and gas industry.

Furthermore, he emphasized that NCDMB wishes “to align with the State Government, support the State. To ensure that her dreams and aspirations come to reality” with particular reference to Ondo State. He said that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centers have been constructed in various regions of the State. To support digital education and provide the next generation with the necessary skills for productive employment and personal growth.