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Plans underway for the rehabilitation of the Abuja Rail Mass Transit project

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has taken steps to rehabilitate the multi-billion-naira Abuja Rail Mass Transit project. The project’s original goal was to identify practical solutions to the Federal Capital Territory’s and its surroundings’ persistent traffic problems. Since many FCT residents live in satellite towns and commute to the Abuja metropolis for employment.

The majority of people rely on private cars and minibuses to get into the city. And a ban on the use of commercial motorcyclists has increased dependence on improvised means of transportation, making the railway project imperative.

Due to the alarming abandonment, the FCTA estimates that it will cost N5 billion to fix significant parts of the Abuja Rail Mass Transit (ARMT) system that were damaged by thugs after it was temporarily shut down to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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Duration of the rehabilitation work on the Abuja Rail Mass Transit project

The FCT permanent secretary, Mr. Olusade Adesola, said when he flagged off the restoration of the transportation infrastructure that the project would be delivered by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Ltd (CCECC) in 12 months.

The vandalism of the equipment, according to Adesola, was a serious setback for the administration. However, he promised that the FCT would soon see the return of a more effective and dependable transportation system. Furthermore, Adesola described the light rail as the lifeblood of Abuja. And noted it would play a crucial role in easing residents’ transportation challenges.

He said, “The rehabilitation of the Abuja Rail Mass Transit System is not just about fixing the system’s physical infrastructure. It is also a testament to the fortitude of our city and its residents. And a sign of our government’s commitment to fostering an environment favorable to social and economic advancement.”

The administration would take severe measures, according to the permanent secretary, to protect the asset and prevent vandals from undermining the vital public service. He also announced that contracts for the provision of security for the rail system had been issued.

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