300 Hydropower Plants to be constructed in Plateau State

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In a significant step towards driving industrialization, the Plateau State government has officially entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction of more than 300 hydropower plants. The move aims to stimulate economic growth and open up the state for industrialization opportunities.

The MoU signing took place with the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Samuel Jatau, representing the government, and AVM Chollom Pam, representing the construction firm, Shimankar Valley Limited.

According to SSG Samuel Jatau, this milestone marks the beginning of a transformative era under the Mutfwang administration. Emphasizing the importance of reliable power for industrialization, he said, “There is no industry without power, so we need to start from the bottom up and that’s why we are signing this MoU.”

The construction firm actively collaborates with a dedicated team of experts established by the government to ensure smooth implementation. The government fully commits to facilitating the success of the project, understanding that the development of numerous power plants is the key ingredient to catalyze industrialization in the state.

Jatau assured citizens that the ambitious plan would not only pave the way for industrial growth but also create numerous job opportunities and boost economic activities across Plateau State.

Hydropower Plants Advance Clean Energy Production In Plateau State.

The Managing Director and CEO of Shimankar Valley Limited, AVM Chollom Pam, actively explained that the project is being built on a clean energy concept, ensuring minimal negative impacts on the host communities. He revealed that the idea of developing hydropower plants in the state dates back to 2013, following an extensive survey that identified the immense hydropower potential in Plateau State.

With the signing of this MoU for the construction of more than 300 hydropower plants, Plateau State sets itself on a path toward becoming an industrial hub, firmly anchored on the foundation of abundant and reliable power supply. The state government and the construction firm, Shimankar Valley Limited, actively collaborate and remain determined to work hand in hand as the project progresses, fulfilling their respective roles to provide sustainable power for the development and prosperity of the state and its people.

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