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The construction work on a digital farming school in Ivory Coast has reportedly been launched by OCP Africa and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P). According to a statement, the innovative project represents a crucial turning point in digital agriculture. It also seeks to offer special chances for young Ivorians interested in AgriTech.

The Ivory Coast’s Minister of Higher Education, Adama Diawara, the Moroccan Ambassador, Abdelmalek Kettani, the Vice President of OCP for West Africa, Mohamed Hettiti, and Bouchaib Boulanouar of the UM6P all attended the ceremony to lay the foundation stone.

According to the statement, the creation of the Digital Farming School demonstrates Morocco’s dedication to positive South-South collaboration with the Ivory Coast in accordance with the directives of King Mohammed VI, OCP Africa, and UM6P.

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The Digital Farming School in Ivory Coast to enrol about 100 young students in the first year

The Digital Farming School aims to enrol about 100 young students over the next 10 to 12 months. According to OCP Africa, the students will receive thorough instruction in agritech while using a nearby experimental farm as a hands-on learning environment.

According to OCP Africa, the Digital Farming School would be the first outpost of UM6P University in sub-Saharan Africa. It was created in association with the Felix Houphouet-Boigny National Polytechnic Institute (INPHB-Cote d’Ivoire). The institution will be located in Yamoussoukro’s Technopole, creating a setting that is conducive to agricultural education.

The establishment of the school is a result of The partnership between the OCP Group and the Ivorian government, along with cooperation between the Ministers of Agriculture and Industry under the direction of Prime Minister Patrick Achi.

Additionally, Agritech businesses will work with the Farming Innovation Program, which was started by OCP Africa in collaboration with AgriEdge and UM6P, to promote an innovation environment. The entrepreneurs will collaborate closely with the Digital Farming School, offering knowledge, and mentoring opportunities. As well as aiding in the development of cutting-edge agricultural businesses.

Furthermore, the school will help young Ivorians to have a rare opportunity. To acquire highly valuable skills in the field of digital agriculture.