ODATA Launches DC ST02 in San Bernardo, Chile

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Located in San Bernardo, Chile, a city outside of Santiago, ODATA, an Aligned Data Centers company, recently announced the launch of DC ST02, its second hyperscale data center.

The company’s planned regional development hit a significant milestone with the launch of the new data center. This boosts its total IT capacity in Chile by approximately 80 MW as well as solidifies its position as the leading data center provider in LATAM.

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DC ST02 is roughly 366,000 square feet in area and has an IT load capacity of up to 40.6 MW. The site has been equipped with the finest construction available in the region, overseen by an experienced ODATA team. The best equipment from international suppliers has been integrated to maximize availability for end-users.

ODATA’s LATAM CEO, Ricardo Alario, stated that the company’s flexibility and agility in adapting to Chilean laws to ensure that the site satisfies every legal requirement could be noted. This was done without impacting the anticipated delivery time during the construction of their second data center in the nation.

With a high degree of complexity, ODATA has successfully navigated a variety of environments. They came across differing construction and zoning legislation.

Because it knows each region and its peculiarities and always works to retain quality, agility, as well as security for its clients, the company has been successful in completing all of its projects in Latin America.

With two feeds delivering 60 MVA of utility power to the data center, DC ST02 has a dedicated on-site substation. The data center guarantees the continuity of vital customer operations. It also ensures a high degree of reliability and redundant electrical power.

ODATA seeking to meet growing regional demand by expanding its data center footprint in Chile

ODATA recently announced the expansion of the DC ST01 data center campus. The move came along with the official launch of its DC ST02 data center, thereby extending its footprint in Chile. The ST01 campus will have a second facility built on it, enhancing its strategic importance.

According to Alario, DC ST01 is not only entirely licensed and operational. It is also powered by contracted renewable energy. This demonstrates their unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The growing hyperscale need for capacity as well as connectivity in the region, according to Alario, was the driving force behind the decision to build ST-02 in Santiago and expand the ST-01 data center.

According to him, the country has established itself as a strategic destination, attracting hyperscale clients in Latin America. Customers will finally receive flexible, scalable, connected, and dependable data center services in an extremely sought-after region thanks to ODATA’s expansion in Chile.

ODATA provides fast, reliable, and secure infrastructure solutions for significant and hyperscale companies. ODATA has the most advanced data centers in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.