Oman Issues Tender for Adam-Haima-Thumrait Road Project

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Oman, acting in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology has issued the tender for the Adam-Haima-Thumrait Road Project. The Secretariat General of the Tender Boast floated tenders for the implementation of the dual carriageway’s three remaining parts, today. In total, the section(s) stretches 400 kilometres, from Haima all the way to Thumrait.

According to an official statement from the Secretariat General, the project’s three parts (3, 4, and 5) were floated exclusively to local companies. Furthermore, the statement noted that the project tender is for companies that specialize in implementing infrastructure projects in both Saudi Arabia and Oman, through a joint Omani-Saudi consortium.

While commenting on the Adam-Haima-Thumrait Road Project, the Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology said that the project’s development through a consortium will enhance the strategic and existing Omani-Saudi partnership.

Moreover, Eng. Said Hamoud al Ma’awali added that the dual-carriage road project will provide numerous opportunities within the private sector in the two countries. In addition to consolidating bilateral cooperation alongside contributing towards the exchange of expertise in the field and industry.

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Overview of the Adam-Haima-Thumrait Road Project

For efficient development, the dual-carriageway is split into sections, Part Three (3) will begin from Haima up to the Maqshan. It will feature the construction of both safe entry as well as exit conduits, to and from the adjoining areas. Additionally, it will include 16 detour lanes and 19 side parking lots.

Alongside an intersection for the Wilyat of Maqshan. Thereafter, Part Four (4) will stretch from Maqshan, passing through Qatbait down to Dokah. The 135-kilometre section development will also include safe entry and exit conduits to and from adjoining areas. Moreover, it will include 27 side parking lots and 14 detour lanes.

Lastly, Part Five (5) will stretch 132.7 kilometres from Dokah to Thumrait. It will include safe entry and exit conduits to the adjoining areas. In total, the section will have 16 parking lots and 20 detour lanes. 

As a whole, the dual-carriageway spans 717.5 kilometres, as per figures from the Government. Thus far, a total of 280 kilometres of road development works have been completed. The section is from Adam in A’Sakhiliyah Governorate to Um Al Zamayem in the Al Wusta Governorate.