Ottawa Library Project moves to the next phase

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The Ottawa Library Project also known as Adisoke is to enter a new phase where this winter the roof construction is to begin. Adisoke means storytelling in Anishinābemowin Algonquin language. The project will house the Ottawa Public library and Archives Canada.

The project planning started off in 2013 and finally after years of planning and preparation, construction began in 2020. It is to be a five-story building made entirely out of wood and stone. With the amount of work put in, the structure is coming together slowly and is set to be opened to all in Ottawa, Ontario.


The developers for Adisoke, are Diamond Schmitt a global architecture firm headquartered in Canada and their joint venture partner, KWC Architects.

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Costs for the construction project was estimated to be around $175 million, although due to the increases of construction costs and the previous world-wide epidemic, the estimate has gone up to $334 million! Making it a one of the major construction projects in Canada.

Net Zero Carbon

The facility will contain “green” cement and concrete in order to make it environment friendly and less harmful with the use of components that reduce greenhouse emission. The contractors of this project took every precaution to use energy efficient sources, such as solar panels, in order to achieve getting to the “net zero carbon goal.” One other measure taken for the project is to increase resistance to any future pandemics.

Expected date of completion

Adisoke, is to showcase all of Canada’s culture, history and knowledge. It is expected to have around 1.7 million visitors, or more, annually upon the finishing of the project. The project is on schedule to be opened in 2026.